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Our History

A young entrepreneur, enamored of his land and of wine, founds the Antica Cantina Leonardi at the beginning of the 1900's in Montefiascone.
In a land where for thousands of years there has been a dedication to farming and wine culture, Domenico Leonardi plants the seed for what will become the most historic and prestigious winery of the area. Now in its fourth generation, the winery has been witness to the evolution of the world of wine through out the last century.
It all began with the production of local wines in bulk, then in the 70's and 80's the winery turned toward mass production, now within the last decade there has been a concentration on high quality and well sought after wines. During this century of wine production, there have been two key elements to the winery's success: the family's passion and the wine that hails back to the middle ages, Est! Est!! Est!!!


The Antica Cantina Leonardi is based in Montefiascone, a town of the Alta Tuscia which overlooks the lake of Bolsena.
At the heart of the structure are the ancient grottos, dug out by hand through volcanic lapilli at the end of the 1800's. Today this is the ideal place to store the barriques which hold our flagship wines; complex products, characterized by the perfect balance between aroma and structure and housed in a space where temperature and humidity are controlled "naturally".
The original cement tanks dating back to the 1950's have all been restored and brought up to date to the latest standards of production ensuring the high calibre of our prestigious wines.